This week we’ll be highlighting some of the companies creating good jobs around the United States on account of GSP renewal. Yesterday we spotlighted three companies in Colorado, Illinois, and Missouri. Below are three more companies able to make significant investments – also resulting in job growth – because of GSP renewal:

  • Xpres LLC in Winston-Salem, North Carolina: After paying $672,000 in extra taxes during expiration, GSP renewal allowed Xpres to invest in new equipment for its North Carolina facility and hire 17 new workers – a 60 percent increase!
  • B&C Technologies in Panama Beach City, Florida: GSP expiration cost B&C $175,000 in extra tariffs and the company could not complete necessary upgrades to a new facility. GSP renewal allowed it to start developing a new product line, including hiring new workers.
  • M S International (MSI) in Orange, California: GSP expiration cost MSI $8 million in extra taxes. Big refunds and even bigger savings going forward helped MSI hire 280 new workers and double its capital expenditures in the year and a half after GSP renewal.