We continue highlighting companies around the country benefiting from GSP renewal. Yesterday focused on three companies in California, Florida, and North Carolina, while Monday focused on companies in Colorado, Illinois, and Missouri. Below are three more companies able to new and better American jobs because of GSP renewal:

  • Kona Bicycle in Ferndale, Washington: GSP expiration cost Kona $580,000 and delayed new product developments. GSP renewal allowed Kona to invest in new R&D equipment and hire 5 workers in products development and sales.
  • Golden Country in Chicago, Illinois: After paying over $1 million in extra import taxes during GSP expiration, renewal allowed Golden Country to give employees raises and purchase new warehouse equipment and trucks.
  • Fab-Line Machinery in Nashville, Tennessee: GSP expiration cost Fab-Line $350,000 in extra taxes and forced the small business to lay off a worker. GSP renewal allowed Fab-Line to hire 2 new workers and lower costs for its customers: American manufacturers.