How Much Does GSP Save Your State?

118th Congress: GSP expiration survey

Written on January 24, 2023 in USA

The 118th Congress is off to a slow start, after the 117th Congress was the first to let GSP remain lapsed in its entirety in the program’s nearly 50-year history. Not only is this the longest expiration in GSP’s history, the tariff costs associated with expiration will soon be at least twice as high as...

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Clark Griswold hates GSP expiration

Written on December 9, 2022 in USA

If you’ve bought any holiday lights either this year or last – or you’re a Member of Congress or the Administration that wants supply chains to move out of China – then you should hate GSP expiration too. Fun, old-fashioned family Christmas lights have faced up to $65 million in extra tariffs due to GSP...

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