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An unheralded GSP import helping Covid-19 response: cell cast acrylics

Written on September 18, 2020 in USA

The Coalition for GSP has an open-ended survey asking companies how Covid-19 impacts their operations and GSP imports. Last night we received an interesting response from an importer of cast acrylic plastics. For those unfamiliar with plastic variations (like us), here is what they wrote: Cell cast acrylic is the raw material used to create...

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GSP saved American companies $65 million in July

Written on September 14, 2020 in USA

GSP saved American companies $65 million in July, bringing year-to-date savings in 2020 to $472 million. GSP benefits companies in every state – the map below shows the overall value of January-July 2020 GSP imports (in blue) and tax savings (in red) by state – yet is scheduled to expire on December 31. Companies and...

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