The GSP program expired on December 31, 2020. GSP importers have paid $3+ billion in extra tariffs as a result. Renewal isn’t the only issue facing GSP users. Over the same period, $2+ billion in (non-refundable) tariffs have been paid due to GSP suspensions for India, Turkey, and Thailand, and $1+ billion more in (non-refundable) tariffs have been paid due to past GSP product exclusions under GSP’s “competitive need limitation” (CNL) rules.

As Congress debates changes to the GSP program, these issues could get worse (e.g., more country suspensions because Congress creates unattainable criteria) or better (e.g., updating CNL rules, such as by including the GSP Coalition-supported CNL Update Act) for the American companies that depend on GSP to keep costs low and/or diversify supply chains, particularly away from China.

The Coalition for GSP needs your support as we fight for both short-term tariff relief and the long-term viability of the GSP program.

The Coalition for GSP is the only organization solely dedicated to promoting the benefits of the GSP program to American companies, workers, and consumers. The Coalition:

  • conducts in-depth research on GSP impacts for the United States as a whole, individual states, congressional districts, and specific companies that is not available from other sources
  • connects GSP users to Members of Congress and other stakeholders on the importance of GSP
  • secures Congressional support for GSP importer priorities related to GSP refunds, rules changes, and country reviews

Coalition members receive updates on the behind-the-scenes discussions that could have significant financial impacts on their businesses while supporting our critical advocacy efforts.

Dues are based on company employment and GSP savings, making them affordable for organizations of all sizes. Simply enter your number of U.S. employees and annual GSP tariff exposure (savings or “tariffs paid” due to lapse) below to see your dues. To finalize membership, please enter your company name, address, and primary contact and click “Join the Coalition for GSP!

If you have questions or would like more information about Coalition membership, please email Dan Anthony, Executive Director of the Coalition for GSP.