Earlier this week, our friends at the Alliance for GSP Countries (A-GSPC) sent a letter to congressional leaders signed by the Ambassadors from Algeria, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Fiji, Georgia, Indonesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and Yemen.  The letter states:

The GSP’s importance to its beneficiary countries cannot be underestimated. The import program benefits more than 3.8 billion people living in two-thirds of the world’s economies. They rely on GSP duty-free exports to the United States to create tangible economic development.

The letter also noted that when GSP was allowed to expire for 10 months back in 2011:

U.S. imports of GSP-eligible items during that period decreased by over 17 percent, while overall U.S. imports increased by 15 percent.

We’re in the process of collecting company/association signatures for a similar U.S. business letter.  If you’d like your organization to be on that letter, just add your name (if you haven’t already) to our GSP Supporter List.  But act quick, as our letter will be going out VERY soon!