Two more companies joined our GSP Supporter List today and…they could not be more different.  One sells a wide range of products to customers like you and me.  The other supplies specialized packaging products like intermodal sea bulk container liners. One has tens of thousands of U.S. employees; the other has three.  One even sponsors one of the largest annual holiday parades…

Yet despite their differences, both New York/St. Louis-based Macy‘s and Louisiana-based CorrPak BPS have called on Congress to renew the GSP program before it expires on July 31.  Why? Because big or small, retailer or industrial supplier, parade-sponsor or otherwise, companies need to meet customer demands for high-quality products at the lowest possible price – and GSP helps them do it.

But if Congress doesn’t act soon, both these companies (and many others) will face higher taxes starting on August 1.