If you’ve been reading this blog or stumbled upon it, it’s probably because you care about GSP renewal. There are probably days when you think you’re the only one who does.

You’re not! FYI, hundreds — more likely thousands — of other companies and others care about GSP renewal.

– We’ve had more than 10,000 views since launching the site a couple months ago.
– Our GSP Supporter List is up to nearly 200 organizations, more than half of which found us through this site.
– Approximately 100 people now follow us either on twitter @renewgsptoday or through subscriptions to the site.
– Companies continue to take our poll on GSP expiration, the results of which we’ll publish once we get a sufficient number of responses.

The insight we’ve gained has been very useful in our on-going conversations with Congress and the Administration.  You’re part of a big network, so don’t be shy. Raise your voice and tell Congress to renew GSP today!