We’re meeting with Congressional staff from those states next week.  If you have facilities there and haven’t done so already, now’s the time to sign the Supporter List, respond to our expiration poll, and join the Coalition.

We know many companies are reluctant to state publicly the impact of GSP expiration on their business.  If that’s the case and you’d like us to pass along your story privately, send an email here or give us a call at 202-347-1085.

Update:  Reports indicate that the CEO of the company in Alabama that blocked GSP extension last winter was in DC this week.  He continues to press Congress not to renew GSP without eliminating benefits for sleeping bags first, a position that puts him at odds with the Committees of Jurisdiction in both the House and Senate.  ALL companies impacted by GSP expiration need to be vocal to help overcome opposition to a straight renewal of the program.