We’ve heard from multiple companies over the last week about impacts to date from GSP expiration. Responses show not only the costs of delay for American jobs and workers – but how allowing GSP to expire undermines other U.S. trade policies/priorities. Here are some of the comments on:

Worker impacts from a small business that has paid $100,000 in tariffs: “GSP impact has been severe this year. Had to lay off 1 person and did not hire for a new sales position.”

Covid/worker impacts from a small business that has paid $350,000 in tariffs: “Covid19 shutdown reduced our cashflow, with GSP [expired] we don’t have the extra funds to order inventory we need. We were looking to hire at least 3 new employees. Now on hold due to GSP.”

China/worker impacts from a small business that has paid $40,000 in tariffs: “We rely heavily on Thailand produced goods in our market to compete with China imports from our competition. We are higher priced even without 10% tariffs. Now we have a real threat to our market share with cost increase on goods of 10%…Possible funds normally used for employee raised wages will be paid in new tariffs. This weakens our work force stability, thus threatening our output capacity.”

U.S. manufacturing impact from a business that has paid $15,000 in tariffs (but estimates $350,000 in tariffs if GSP remains expired all year): “We are selling our aluminum products to a leading US HVAC manufacture and those products are excluded from 232 tariff but we still have to pay the standard duty without GSP.”

In summary, GSP expiration reduces American jobs, makes pay/benefits at existing jobs worse, makes China more competitive, and raises costs for American manufacturers (even for products not available in the United States). Expiration impacts snowball over time, so Congress should renew GSP – and refund tariffs paid – as soon as possible.

If you’re a company impacted by GSP expiration, please answer our very short survey on GSP expiration impacts to date (the source for all of the above examples). To further help the Coalition for GSP educate policymakers on who is hurt by expiration (and how), companies are strongly encouraged to: