Hiblow is a distributor of linear diaphragm pumps based in Saline, Michigan. It employs 6 workers, including a new warehouse manager position created in 2020. Hiblow sells pumps imported under GSP to three major markets: medical pumps to U.S. medical device manufacturers (therapy devices, hospital beds, incubators); pumps for onsite wastewater treatment (primarily for use in rural locations), and aquaculture pumps for fish hatcheries and other seafood growing operations.

No similar linear diaphragm pumps are manufactured in the United States, though competitors in China often try to copy Hiblows design and sell for lower prices. Hiblow’s operations also exemplify GSP’s original development goals: workers at the Philippines factory receive competitive wages, bonuses and family outings throughout the year, and private health insurance benefits. GSP is one tool that helps Hiblow workers in the United States and the Philippines stay competitive in the global market.

GSP benefits have helped Hiblow mitigate Covid-19 impacts, particularly a 500% increase in freight costs. Ocean shipping delays meant Hiblow had to use air freight to get its product American manufacturing customs in time.

If GSP expires, Hiblow will need to recoup $400,000 “from somewhere.” That is likely less money spent with local vendors, for conferences, for marketing and advertising materials and – most importantly for policymakers – by freezing any new hires. That is bad news at a time when there are 10 million fewer American jobs than than there were earlier this year.

Watch Hiblow President Tim Smith explain how “renewing GSP is imperative to us to grow our business and hire more people in 2021 and beyond.”

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