GSP saved American companies $66 million in June, about $39 million less than in May and $15 million less (-18%) from June 2018. The June declines reflect the first full month without GSP eligibility for imports from Turkey and first (mostly) full month without GSP for India. In the first six months of 2019, GSP saved American companies $556 million.

The impacts of the India and Turkey decisions are clear, as shown in the graph below. Year-over-year GSP savings regularly were growing by $10+ million per month. In fact, June marked the first time since April 2016 (37 months) that year-over-year GSP savings declined. The $15 million year-over-year drop was the largest decline in GSP savings since the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

GSP savings from other countries continued to grow, increasing $12.5 million (23%) from June 2018 to June 2019. Savings on imports from Cambodia grew by $7.3 million, from Indonesia by $3.0 million, from Thailand by $1.6 million, and from Burma by $1.3 million.

But growth from other countries was not able to offset the loss of GSP ineligibility for India and Turkey throughout the country: 39 states plus DC and Puerto saw GSP savings decline from June 2018 to June 2018.

By value, the states with the largest year-over-year savings declines were New Jersey (-$4.1 million), Florida (-$3.6 million), Texas (-$2.0 million), New York (-$1.2 million), Illinois (-$1.1 million), Louisiana (-$1.0 million), Michigan (-$942,000), North Carolina (-$882,000), Georgia (-$716,000), and South Carolina (-$512,000).

By percent, the states with the largest year-over-year savings declines were Louisiana (-88%), Nebraska (-82%), Vermont (-76%), Wyoming (-71%), Minnesota (-71%), Mississippi (-68%), New Mexico (-65%), Iowa (-62%), Arkansas (-60%), and Idaho (-54%).

In many of these states, declines were wholly attributable to lost GSP for India and Turkey, leaving little chance that savings will bounce back in July.