GSP expired on December 31. While renewal has bipartisan support in Congress and backing from the Administration, it doesn’t guarantee swift renewal: that was true during GSP’s last year expiration too.

Already, companies have paid an estimated $50-$60 million and will pay several million more every day until Congress renews GSP and the program goes back into effect. As tariffs paid add up and affect more companies, we want to hear from you about the impacts.

For example, did you get hit with a big bill? Lose a sale? Pull down a job posting? Delay planned 2018 raises? Shift investments from Q1 to Q2? We’re looking for examples, so if you report a big bill today and then cancel an investment in two weeks, come back and let us know that too.

As always, no company-specific information will be published without explicit permission. Thanks in advance for helping provide critical information for our fight to renew GSP as quickly as possible – and don’t hesitate to email or call 202-347-1041 with any questions.

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