After the latest Supporter List update this morning, there are now 202 American companies and associations calling on Congress to renew GSP. Since GSP was reinstated in July 2015, it has saved American companies $1.3 billion, including $256 million from January-April 2017.

Who benefits the most from GSP? Globally engaged small businesses. Over 80 percent of the GSP supporter list companies have 100 or fewer employees. The typical company has 13 employees and saved $100,000 in 2016 – a huge amount for companies of that size. GSP savings improve US export competitiveness as well: 45 percent of these GSP importers export.

If your organization cares about GSP renewal and is not yet on the list, please take a moment to add it here now. Adding a name is free and will help the Coalition for GSP’s efforts to avoid another costly lapse in GSP benefits.