In January 2017, the GSP program saved American companies $59 million on about $1.5 billion in imports. GSP imports were up by 5 percent – and tariffs savings up by 8 percent – compared to January 2016. In terms of GSP savings, it was the best start to a year since 2013.

Some states, such as Arizona and Minnesota, saw particularly large increases in GSP imports and savings compared to January 2016, as shown in the graphic below.

GSP saved Arizona companies $706,000 in January, up $215,000 (44 percent) compared to one year earlier. Semiprecious stones from Brazil and Madagascar, chemicals from India, and plastic statues and decorative items from the Philippines contributed most to Arizona’s GSP increases.

GSP saved Minnesota companies $413,000 in January, up $95,000 (30 percent) compared to one year earlier. Aluminum structures from Thailand, optical lenses from Indonesia and Thailand, and measuring instruments from the Philippines contributed most to Minnesota’s GSP increases.

The increase in GSP savings for American companies has been shared broadly. In addition to Arizona and Minnesota, companies in 16 other states saw GSP savings increase by at least 20 percent, including: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Savings on GSP imports from Turkey increased by 23 percent compared to January last year. Georgia companies’ purchases of tires were among the top GSP imports from Turkey. GSP eliminated about $100,000 in import taxes on air bags and parts in January, with nearly all of those savings on imports from Thailand into Utah.

REMINDER: GSP EXPIRES AT THE END OF 2017. Click here to learn about ways to take action and support GSP renewal this year.