It’s Tuesday, have you contacted your Senators and Representatives about the need to renew GSP yet? If not, you should take a few minutes to do so now.

This is our third GSP “Tariff Tuesday” and we need as many companies as possible to contact their Senators and Representatives today about the need to renew GSP before the August recess (just a few weeks away). Is it working? The chart below shows the explosive growth in the number of clicks on our Senate and House contact pages since right before we started tariff Tuesdays.

GSP_Tariff_Tuesdays_Weekly_ContactsNow website clicks aren’t the goal, meaningful contacts are. And we heard from a staffer yesterday that a key Senator was very surprised by two things: 1) that his state had paid millions in higher taxes from GSP expiration, and 2) that he wasn’t hearing more from those companies. This Senator likely is not alone, so we need to increase the contacts further.

If you haven’t participate in Tariff Tuesdays before, check out the instructions here and then fire off some emails.

If you have participated, please take a few moments to follow up with your previous contacts. You don’t want to send an identical email, but you can:

  • provide any relevant new details (e.g., we just got a shipment in last week and had to pay another $XX,XXX);
  • provide previously undisclosed information about the impacts on your business (e.g., as noted, we’ve paid $XX,XXX in tariffs because of GSP expiration, and that caused us to lay off workers/delay hires/postpone investments/lose $XX,XXX in sales), or
  • ask if the staff person spoken to their boss/committee staff/leadership about the impacts of GSP expiration on constituents and what kind of response they received.

GSP renewal faces an uphill battle. Yet one thing is certain: if GSP users don’t make it a priority to tell their representatives to renew GSP, Congress won’t make GSP renewal a priority either.

If you do hear back from staff,  please let us know. Happy emailing!