Over the last few days, we’ve added 7 new companies to the GSP Supporter List. That means there are now 583 companies and associations publicly asking Congress to pass GSP renewal legislation.

Three of the seven come from congressional districts that did not have GSP supporter list companies previously: California’s 22nd District, New York’s 1st District, and Pennsylvania’s 15th District. In total, GSP supporter companies are headquartered in 272 congressional districts (and operate in many, many more).

The companies import from diverse products, including food products, wood, sporting goods, plastic films, and handicrafts. They source these products from India, Indonesia, Philippines, Tunisia, and Turkey.

The companies range in size from 4 to 75 employees – so they are all small businesses – yet their combined savings from GSP in 2012 exceeded $1 million. And they’ve paid considerably more than that in higher taxes since GSP expired last year! This is similar to previous GSP supporters, about 80 percent of which are small businesses with big tax bills because of expiration.

If you’re like these companies but not yet on the list, be sure to add your name here.