With GSP’s scheduled expiration day looming, the number of companies that are worried about higher import taxes (as soon as next week) continues to grow.

Earlier today, A.I Globalpack in Houston, Texas and UTAS-USA in Des Plaines, Illinois became the 299th and 300th organizations to join the GSP Supporter List, a group of like-minded American companies and associations calling on Congress to renew GSP.

They’re not just contacting the Coalition, but their representatives as well. Already, we’ve been copied on hundreds of emails urging support for GSP renewal that were sent to Senate staff through our email your Senators page, and many more have told us about contacts through other channels (phone calls, webforms, etc.).

Of course, we can’t share private emails, but some good examples of the win-win nature of GSP for American companies and development abroad can be found in the article published this morning by Ideas Lab.

If you care about GSP, make sure to join the supporter list and reach out to your Senators…there isn’t much time left before GSP expires and your import taxes go up.