Yesterday we posted about what we try to do in Hill meetings and the type of info we provide to staffers, but that still doesn’t answer the bigger question: why are the meetings even necessary?

In the eyes of most members of Congress, GSP is a good program – viewed in the abstract.  When you show the direct impact on the bottom line of employers in their district, GSP can become a great program whose renewal is vital to constituents.

Members of Congress not only need to hear 1) how GSP benefits constituents; but also 2) that those constituents will be mad as hell if GSP is allowed to expire again.

Meetings help a lot with the first part, particularly when we have company information from things like our GSP Supporter List.  But that second part?  That’s where company contacts enter the picture.

Phone calls, emails, tweets – they’re all good so no need to be shy.  After all, Congress works for you.

Furthermore, if companies don’t make it a priority to educate Congress about the need to renew GSP, why should Congress make it a priority to renew GSP?  They’re certainly hearing from constituents about a number of other issues, they need to hear about GSP too.

So sure where to start?  Here’s the link to find your representative, and here’s one to find your senators.  And when you’re done, be sure to drop us a line so we have a sense of who is hearing from constituents.

Now go forth and educate!