This morning, the Coalition will set out on an epic trek.  We’ll meet with offices from eight congressional districts in six states.  Representatives from the Pacific Northwest and New England, the Upper Midwest and the Southeast, the Corn Belt and sunny Southern California.

GSP Coalition: 4/23 Meeting Itinerary

CoalitionTravelPlansAdd in our meetings from yesterdays with offices from Connecticut, Washington, Indiana, and Arkansas and that’s a whole lot of frequent flier miles racked up to talk about the need to renew GSP.  Or, it would be if we were visiting the districts themselves instead of their DC offices.

But what’s important is that we – and by that we mean the Coalition, you, and anyone else that benefits from GSP – talk to Congress about the importance of renewing GSP before July 31.

Not sure how to get involved? Add your name to our GSP Supporter List so we know who to mention in our meetings.  Want us to set up meetings on your behalf and provide you with regular updates?  Join the Coalition to support our work.  And just keep telling anyone that will listen how much you’ll be hurt if GSP is allowed to expire again.