Yesterday,  I asked companies to “give me one good reason to renew GSP.”  Today, we decided to make it even easier by creating a GSP tumblr site exclusively for company quotes on the impact of GSP expiration.

We will be uploading approved quotes throughout the next several days, but here’s the beauty of the Tumblr site: you can submit your own quote by clicking here!

Why are we doing this?  Over the last couple months, we’ve been cc’ed on more than 700 emails to Congressional staff urging GSP renewal.  These emails drive home the impacts of expiration on individual companies in a way that generic companies stories simply cannot.  Unfortunately, we consider these to be private communications, so we can’t publish them directly to the site.

So check out the site to see what companies are saying about GSP expiration, and if you’ve been impacted, please use the site to add your story!