As we noted last Friday, the House is scheduled to vote on GSP renewal legislation tomorrow, September 7th.  We need to generate as many calls and emails as possible during the day tomorrow (the vote on the bill won’t take place before 6:30pm EST) to show the strong support from businesses around the country.

To help simplify the process, we’ve updated our Email Your Representatives page to include standard language in the email that urges support for HR 2832 and informs them of the vote tomorrow night.

Calls to the offices are also needed.  This page has the phone numbers for all House offices.  Ask to speak with the staff person that handles trade issues, and then, whether you talk to a person or their voice mail:

  • Introduce yourself, your company, and let them know where you operate (they usually only want to talk to constituents)
  • Explain how GSP expiration has hurt your company
  • Urge them to support HR 2832, which is on the suspension calendar for September 7th
  • Ask where their boss stands on the issue

If they have further questions on the program, you can point them to our site.  Finally, please keep us posted on who you’re contacting/what they’re saying in response to your outreach by emailing here.