We received this email the other day.  Little commentary seems necessary, but it’s quite sad that people who have chosen to invest in themselves to provide a better life for their family are now being punished by GSP expiration:

“[Our company] has suspended all imports of products that we expected to be duty free. Our customers have gone to alternative sources and no longer have trust in our company’s ability to provide a consistent and reliable supply at market price.  We are not competitive with the extra cost of 6.5% on our imports.

Our distribution company is 3 years old. We started this company when my husband lost his job and unemployment benefits ran out. With no possibility of a job on the horizon, and three children to support, we put all our savings into starting this company. The extra burden that the US government is putting on our business is putting us out of business.

Please do whatever you can to get this program renewed before the summer break. We may not make it.”

This company has reached out to their representatives using our House and Senate email tools.  If you have a similar story, please make sure you let your reps know as well.  They must hear the human toll of GSP expiration.