As of this morning, the GSP Supporter List now has more than 200 companies and trade associations urging Congress to pass an immediate, retroactive renewal of the GSP program. You can see the full list – as well as instructions to add your company – here.

The companies are headquartered in 37 states (plus DC and Puerto Rico) and 125 Congressional Districts with operations in many, many more.  You can download the list of GSP Supporters by district here.

Despite the growing number of signatories on the supporter list, we need to do more to spread the word about the importance of the GSP program.  If you’ve made it this far, you’re clearly interested in renewing GSP.  If you have a moment, could you use the share buttons below to help publicize the list via email, facebook, twitter, etc.?

You can also send the list directly to the person handling trade issues for your Senators with our Email Your Senators page.