I realized this morning that just because we’re updating the GSP Supporter List every day, those updates don’t get sent out to blog subscribers, so we decided to do a new post about it. Since the list went live on Monday, 25 companies and associations have contacted us to sign on. You can sign on by emailing here.

Of course, we’d like to thank those who have helped spread the word. For example, the National Retail Federation sent out the list to all the members of its trade committee, USA-ITA mentioned it in an email update, and multiple companies/associations mentioned us on Twitter, including Campbell Soup, GE, WorldFinds, Hope for Women, Swing Design, the International Wood Products Association, Doug Jacobson, and even the Embassy of Thailand. If we missed your tweets, just let us know and we’ll recognize you in a future post!

Finally, it’s important to realize how we’re using the list.  The trade staffers from more than 80 Congressional offices have received personal emails letting them know which constituent companies have signed on.  We continue to reach out to staff on an individual level and expect that number to double in the immediate future.  As the GSP Supporter List Grows, we’ll continue updating the staff so they can see how important this issue is to constituent companies, so keep the signatures coming!