Last week, we received the following email from a reader.  We’d never heard of/from this company before, but they were nice enough to let us know what they’re doing to push for GSP renewal.  They also serve as a great example to anyone else looking to get involved.  It was short but sweet, so I’ll publish it in its entirely (without their name, of course):

FYI – Contacted Congressman Gary Miller where our office is located. Going to contact my Congressman, in the district where I live, David Drier. Am also going to have my employees contact their Congressman.

Best regards,

Information like this is incredibly helpful, as it lets us know who is hearing from constituents.  We’ve also make it very easy for you to do:  just click the link on the homepage to send an email to us (as shown below).  You can also email directly from here.

So keep those calls going in to your reps’ offices….and keep those emails heading our way to let us know!