The GSP program expired on December 31, 2020 and GSP importers now face $3-4 million per day in new tariffs. Importers must continually make the case that GSP benefits matter to American companies and workers. There are multiple ways companies and associations with a stake in GSP can support continued duty-free benefits:

Join the Coalition for GSP. Coalition members receive information about the GSP program unavailable from any other source while providing vital financial support for advocacy efforts in support of continued GSP benefits.

Answer the GSP expiration impact survey. Constituents stories are the most impactful way to make Members of Congress care about GSP renewal. We can’t share those impacts with Congress unless you share them with us.

Join the free GSP Supporter List. Supporter list organizations receive periodic updates about ways to support GSP benefits while providing invaluable information for educating policymakers about GSP’s positive local impacts. Organizations also can opt-in to the free Supporter List when answering the GSP expiration impact survey.

Contact Congress Directly. Tell your Senators and Representatives that you need them to renew GSP today.

For more information about engaging in GSP renewal activities, please call Dan Anthony, Executive Director of the Coalition for GSP, at 202-347-1041.