Headquarters: Edison, New Jersey

US Employees: 43

GSP Imports: Writing instruments from India and Indonesia

GSP is very important to our business.  It reduces costs allowing us to reduce our sales prices and remain competitive.  It is beneficial to both us and our customers.

Yoshiko Shishime, Senior Accountant

Zebra Pen Corporation, founded in 1982, is a leader in writing instrument manufacturing and sales. Zebra sells its products – including pens, highlighters, and mechanical pencils – under the Steel, Sarasa, Z-Grip, and Cadoozles brands.

When GSP expired in 2013, Zebra Pen froze hiring and delayed much needed investments in their facilities. Even after GSP was renewed, it took nearly a year for the company to receive all of its tariff refunds.

With GSP back in effect, Zebra Pen was able to purchase new machinery for its American manufacturing and increase employment in New Jersey – all while keeping prices low for its customers.