Headquarters: Winston-Salem, North Carolina

US Employees: 42

GSP Imports: Blank ceramic mugs from Thailand

We compete with products imported directly from China. We are able to grab a small market share because GSP allows us to buy higher quality, duty-free mugs.

Jan Reid, CEO

Xpres, which provides custom-decorated drinkware and promotion products, has been operating in North Carolina for more than 25 years. Its blank ceramic mugs from Thailand, which are customized at its North Carolina headquarters, face 10 percent tariffs without GSP.

When GSP expired in August 2013, Xpres put planned investments on hold. Instead of hiring full-time workers, Xpres hired temps until GSP was renewed and it could depend on stable product costs.

Since GSP was renewed and tariffs paid during expiration refunded, Xpres has hired 17 new workers and started providing long-term disability to all full-time employees. It bought a $40,000 oven to increase output capacity and is considering a $180,000 printer that would allow it to expand further – none of which would have been possible without GSP renewal.