Headquarters: Westmont, Illinois

US Employees: 9

GSP Imports: Handmade, custom jewelry from India

GSP is extremely important to our woman-owned, fair-trade business.  It not only helps our small staff here in the U.S., but our business provides low-income artisan groups in India with sustainable work.

Kelly Weinberger, Founder/President

WorldFinds is an Illinois-based company that imports handmade articles from women in developing countries like India. They hope to lift these women out of poverty by selling their goods in 900 stores across the United States.

When GSP expired in 2013, WorldFinds feared that raising prices would reduce sales on GSP products. It opted to reduce profit margins, but that required hiring and salary increase freezes.

After renewal, profits recovered and WorldFinds was able to add a new employee to its small staff and update its office technology. WorldFinds recently hired another part-time worker and hopes continued GSP benefits will allow it to raise salaries in the near future.