Headquarters: Panama City Beach, FL

US Employees: 31

GSP Imports: Laundry equipment from Thailand

GSP is key in allowing us to stay competitive with our products and parts. Many of the parts we import under GSP simply are not available in the United States.

Bengt Bruce, President

B&C Technologies in Florida is an industry leader in commercial and industrial laundry equipment. B&C imports laundry equipment, particularly parts, from Thailand under GSP.

GSP expiration in 2013 could not have come at a worse time for B&C: it had just bought a new facility but could no longer afford the required build-out. This was actually the fifth new facility in 14 years – each larger than the last – needed by the fast-growing, family-owned business.

With GSP renewed, B&C moved into and updated the new facility. Sales are up about 20 percent and the company started to develop a new line of washing machines. B&C hired 3 new technical drafters and expects to hire 5 more workers soon in Panama City Beach.