Headquarters: Annapolis, Maryland

US Employees: 7

GSP Imports: Costume jewelry from Nepal

The money we save through GSP allows us to invest in the growth of our business via new employees, technology, and advertising.
Damian Jones, Owner
Aid Through Trade, one of the leaders in the fair trade fashion industry, was founded in 1993. Today, it supports over 200 women artisans in Nepal – one of the poorest countries in the world – in addition to its staff in Maryland.

GSP expiration had numerous negative impacts on Aid Through Trade: higher prices led to lower sales, which led to less money for purchasing new inventory, further reducing sales. Ultimately, it froze hiring and delayed capital investments.

With GSP renewed and tariffs refunded, Aid Through Trade hired a new employee and gave thousands of dollars in bonuses to its staff. It also invested in new technology and sales have also returned to their pre-expiration levels.