How Much Does GSP Save Your State?

New York Times Editorial on Congress, GSP Renewal

Written on February 3, 2011 in GSP Press

Today’s New York Times ran an editorial called No Way to Run a Trade Policy.  The article describes the current battle over the pending expiration of the Andean trade preferences and the TAA program and highlights GSP’s expiration last December.  In short, it argues that: Lawmakers need to look beyond their noses and extend al...

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Hydration Systems from the Philippines

Written on February 2, 2011 in California

When you look at a list of U.S. tariff codes, it’s often hard to visualize the products being described.  One exception is U.S. harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) number 4202.92.04: “Insulated beverage bag w/outer surface textiles, interior only flexible plastic container storing/dispensing beverage thru flexible tubing.” To ou...

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