Congress is a very deadline-driven organization. It may not always hit them, but it generally focuses on the next immediate deadline. So a GSP expiration 7+ months away seems like an eternity given all the other deadlines before then.

Businesses must think differently. Long lead times between placing orders and US delivery means GSP importers must look ahead. In fact, we started hearing from companies back in February about orders that would not arrive until 2018 – after GSP expired.

Since most policymakers have no real-world experience with the complexities of global supply chains, that anecdote raises eyebrows in Congressional meetings. Providing such info, particularly for specific constituents, can add to the sense of urgency to renew GSP now as opposed to waiting until December.

So we have launched the survey below to collect information on delays between ordering and delivery.

It should take no more than 1 minute to answer the required questions. The optional “additional info” box allows you to provide useful context on the need for Congress to renew GSP ASAP.

We hope to have enough survey responses to publish a summary report. Please note that no company-specific details will be shared publicly without explicit permission.

Survey: How Long For Delivery of Your GSP Imports?

  • Please select the date that best represents the majority of your GSP imports. (Note: you may select dates in the past.)
  • E.g., where your products come from; the value of imports/tariffs already scheduled for 2018 delivery; steps your company is taking NOW to prepare for possible expiration, or steps your company is likely to take if GSP expires again.