In the first quarter of 2017, GSP saved American companies $173 million in eliminated tariffs. Year-to-date savings crossed the $1 million threshold for 6 states, including Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, and Nevada. In total, GSP savings through March exceeded $1 million for 28 states plus Puerto Rico.

The map below shows the overall value of year-to-date 2017 GSP imports (in blue) and tax savings (in red) by state.

This map will be updated monthly as new trade data become available and the most up-to-date version will be available at all times on our Graphics page. These posts highlight select states, products, and countries contributing to increases in January, February, and March.

REMINDER: GSP EXPIRES AT THE END OF 2017. Click here to learn about ways to take action and support GSP renewal this year.