In July, the GSP program saved American companies $58 million on about $1.5 billion in imports. GSP saved U.S. companies $410 million in the first seven months of 2016. In the one year since renewal, GSP saved American companies about $700 million.

Some states, such as Connecticut and New York, saw particularly large increases in GSP imports and savings compared to July 2015, as shown in the graphic below.


In Connecticut, GSP imports increased by about 70 percent and savings by about 50 percent compared to one year earlier. Ferroalloys from South Africa, aluminum building materials and rubber gloves from Thailand, and parts for steering wheels from India all contributed to Connecticut’s GSP increases.

In New York, GSP imports increased by 22 percent and savings from GSP by 44 percent compared to one year earlier. Jewelry from Turkey and Bolivia, stainless steel flanges from India, and PET resin from Pakistan contributed most to New York’s GSP increases.

Savings on GSP imports from Pakistan nearly doubled, led by increased imports of lamps in New Jersey. GSP eliminated about $250,000 in import taxes on fresh flowers from Ecuador in July, with more than $230,000 saved on imports into Florida alone.

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