In April, the GSP program saved American companies $60 million on about $1.6 billion in imports. The GSP program saved U.S. companies $230 million in the first four months of 2016.

Overall, the value of GSP imports and tariff savings both increased slightly compared to April 2015. Some states, such as South Carolina and New Hampshire, saw very large increases in GSP imports and savings compared to April 2015, as shown in the graphic below.

In South Carolina, GSP imports increased by 49 percent and savings from GSP by 48 percent compared to one year earlier. Plastics from Brazil, valves from Turkey, and motorcycles from Thailand contributed most to South Carolina’s GSP increases.

In New Hampshire, GSP imports increased by 317 percent and savings from GSP by 273 percent compared to one year earlier. Sporting goods from Thailand, optical devices from Sri Lanka and the Philippines, and parts for meters from India contributed most to New Hampshire’s GSP increases.

Imports from Bolivia jumped by 60 percent, led by increased imports of tungsten concentrates by companies in Nevada. GSP eliminated about $821,000 in import taxes on sugar and nearly 70 percent of those imports went to California.