Yesterday afternoon, more than 600 American companies and associations sent a letter to congressional leaders urging GSP renewal before the end of the year. The letter noted that the current expiration is the longest in the GSP program’s 40-year history and that, if renewal slips into 2015, the tax hike on American companies will exceed $1 billion.

More than 25 associations and nearly 600 companies signed the letter to Speaker Boehner and Leaders Reid, Pelosi, and McConnell. (Tweet at the leaders by clicking here.) The companies are based in 45 states, 282 congressional districts, DC and Puerto Rico.

Now we need individual companies to help spread the word about the letter. If GSP is not renewed in the coming weeks, we likely are looking at multiple months more of expiration, so don’t hold back. Use our House and Senate contact pages to ask every Member of Congress where you have a facility to contact Leadership and the Committee of Jurisdiction and urge GSP renewal in the lame duck. The text on those pages includes a link to the letter and that “ask.” You can add your personal story as well.