Today is the last “Tariff Tuesday” before Congress takes a 5-week recess. In fact, starting next week Congress will only be in DC to legislate for 3 of the next 15 weeks. So we need as many contacts as possible to let them know how important it is – whatever issues might stand in the way – to renew GSP before taking the rest of the summer off.

If you haven’t participated I any of the past tariff Tuesdays, here are the original instructions.

If you have participated before, this post has suggested follow up questions.

Everyone can take some inspiration from posts here and here, or you can tell offices what adjourning without renewal means for you company:

– how much will you pay in import taxes in August if GSP is not renewed?
– how much might you pay in import taxes if GSP renewal slips until mid-November (i.e. after the elections)?
– what types of impacts (e.g., layoffs, capital expenditure delays, etc.) mightcontinued taxes have on your company?

You can also find office phone numbers on our Senate and House contact pages if you’d prefer to call.

Finally, if you have colleagues at other companies impacted by GSP renewal, please forward this page (and the supporter list signup if they’re not on there already) and let them know how important these contacts are.

The clock is running out and Congress needs to know that their actions – or lack thereof – have a real impact on constituents. Now let’s go make some contacts!