With Congress gone, we took the opportunity to head back to Jamestown, RI to visit family – but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped thinking about GSP. In fact, just yesterday while grabbing coffee in the town, we came across a new store: Fair Trade Winds.


We went in to find a whole host of products that enter duty-free under GSP like wooden cutting boards (see below) and picture frames from the Philippines, products from Tibet, Indonesia, and many other GSP countries.

GSP Products in Jamestown

Keep in mind, when we say “small,” we’re talking about an island that is just 9 square miles with a population of 5,000. Bridges connecting it to land on both sides weren’t even completed until 1969. Despite that, we even found jewelry imported from India by GSP Supporter List companies like WorldFinds.


We haven’t forgotten about GSP while home in August, and don’t let your Senators and Representatives forget either. Call their local office and ask about meeting with them – and demanding they renew GSP immediately in September – while you have the chance!