On Friday, the National Retail Federation sent a letter to every Member of Congress urging support for immediate Congressional consideration and passage. The letter stated that GSP is “critical to American employers and families that this important trade program is renewed in advance of its expiration.”

Given GSP’s broad bipartisan support, it also noted: “scheduling GSP for a vote before the August recess should be a straight-forward and immediate way to save American companies and workers, and American families from an unnecessary and significant tax hike.” Here’s a copy of the letter sent to Speaker Boehner.

This followed a similar letter sent last week by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and both organizations were among the more than 230 American companies and associations to sign a similar letter urging GSP renewal several weeks back.

And just like we said on Friday, calls for GSP renewal continue to grow: since Friday, six more companies joined the GSP Supporter List, including:

  • 3V Inc. in Georgetown, SC
  • Double 7 Products in Fairfield, CA
  • J & W Marketing in Seattle, WA
  • Jaipur Rugs in Norcross, GA
  • MJW International in Newark, DE
  • Stone Capitol Group in Colleyville, TX

You can see all 278 Supporter List organizations here. If you’re not yet on the list – be sure to fill out this form to join yourself!

With expiration just a few weeks away, all GSP importers should follow the lead of the Chamber and NRF by contacting your representatives directly about the importance of renewing GSP before July 31.