Yesterday’s trade data showed that American companies paid an estimated $59.6 million in new taxes on $1.5 billion worth of previously GSP-eligible imports in June, bringing the total tariffs paid to $335 million in tariffs on $8.8 billion worth of imports in the first half of the year.

Last week, we noted noted that Congress has gone home for its August “recess” and encouraged companies to write Op-Eds.  In addition, we are introducing a new poll to see how much the recess delay will cost you!

Our last poll received more than 100 responses (some results here), and we hope this will get even more, so please forward it along to others impacted by GSP expiration (shortlink:

In particular, we’d like to know:

 – how much you expect to pay in tariffs on GSP-eligible goods between August 5 (when Congress officially left) and September 5 (when they return), and
 – how many shipments you expect to receive in that time.

Any other details (e.g., what you’re importing, from where, etc.) would be appreciated.  Of course, we will keep all company-specific information strictly.  So without further ado….

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