As promised last week, we updated the GSP Supporter List by CD to include secondary locations for signature companies.  As a result, the GSP Supporter List now covers about 400 locations found in 230+ congressional districts.

Even this updated version vastly understates the geographical “footprint” of the companies, since we did not attempt to identify every location for Caterpillar, GE, Home Depot, etc.  (For those companies, only the headquarters location is on the list.)

Iowa’s 1st District, represented by Congressman Bruce Braley, tops the list with 7 locations from 4 different parent companies.  Tennessee’s 2nd District (Rep. John Duncan), ranks second with 6 locations from 5 parent companies.  Three more districts – Illinois’ 13th (Rep. Judy Biggert), New Jersey’s 12th (Rep. Rush Holt), and New York’s 29th (Rep. Tom Reed), all show up on the list 5 times.

Unsurprisingly, California ranks first among states with 40 locations.  Illinois, Texas, New York, and Georgia round out the top 5.  All totaled, 41 states and the District of Colombia show up with at least once.

Remember, we’re adding names until Congress renews GSP. The the more names on the list, the more compelling our arguments become. You can add your company by emailing here. If you’re already on the list but want to tell us about additional locations, please let us know.