The GSP program will expire on December 31, 2017. Companies will face higher import taxes in 2018 until Congress passes – and the President signs – legislation extending the GSP program. Companies may receive refunds of tariffs paid only if Congress passes a “retroactive” renewal.

GSP importers must take action to build support for renewal. There are multiple ways companies and associations with a stake in GSP can support renewal efforts:

Join the Coalition for GSP. Coalition members receive information about GSP renewal prospects unavailable from any other source while providing vital financial support for advocacy efforts in support of GSP renewal. Learn more about Coalition membership and how to join here.

Join the free GSP Supporter List. Supporter list organizations receive periodic updates about ways to support GSP renewal while providing invaluable information the GSP Coalition to use as it works to educate Congress about positive, local impacts on constituents. Add your organization to the free GSP Supporter List here.

Contact Congress. The GSP Coalition’s new Contact Congress platforms allows you to write to your Representatives and Senators and let them know why they should support GSP renewal. Start using our Contact Congress platform here.

Share Graphics Highlighting GSP Benefits. The Coalition for GSP regularly produces new infographics on GSP benefits for states, countries, and products. Find and share relevant infographics via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn here.

For more information about engaging in GSP renewal activities, please call the Coalition for GSP at 202-347-1041.