Congress renewed the GSP program through December 31, 2020. That means GSP will expire on January 1, 2021 unless Congress passes – and the President signs – legislation extending GSP in the interim.

At the same time, the Administration has taken a number of country-specific actions that can affect companies’ imports under GSP, including:

  • fully terminating GSP for India (though there are negotiations to reinstate)
  • partially suspending benefits for Thailand
  • continuing reviews for countries like Indonesia
  • launching new reviews for countries like South Africa

Coalition membership ensures that your organization remains fully informed, usually with information not available from any other source, of the latest developments that could impact your business.

In addition to general work on GSP reauthorization, the Coalition works tirelessly to promote the importance of GSP for members’ specific imports so they are well-positioned to retain (or regain) GSP when actions are taken that may discriminate between individual imports or importers.

Given the negative environment for trade issues, it is more important than ever to educate policymakers about the positive impacts of the GSP program on American companies and workers.

The Coalition for GSP is the only organization solely dedicated to sharing those stories while advocating for a robust GSP program.

But we cannot do it without the financial support of companies that benefit directly from the tax savings from GSP.

You can help create the best possible environment for future GSP renewals by agreeing to join the Coalition for GSP while signing up for the free GSP supporter list.

“Coalition membership is a must for any company that imports from GSP-approved countries.”

-Ian Zucker, CEO of Ten Strawberry Street

Members of the Coalition for GSP receive:

  • Political intelligence on prospects for GSP renewal based on the Coalition’s private meetings with key staff so they can plan sourcing accordingly;
  • Assistance drafting company-specific talking points and materials for use in communicating with key Congressional and Administrative staff;
  • Invitations to meetings with Congress and the Administration, including assistance setting up meetings in Washington, DC on dates when company representatives are in town, and
  • General help with any GSP-related issues that might arise.

“The Coalition for GSP has been invaluable in keeping our company informed about the status of GSP renewal, proposed changes in the legislation, and trade developments in Congress.  They’re our ‘eyes and ears’ in Washington (DC), which is particularly useful out here in Washington (State)!”
-Jeff Wright, Executive Vice President of TRInternational, Inc.

Coalition member dues help fund:

  • Meetings with key Congressional and Administration staff to educate them on the benefits on GSP for American companies and workers;
  • Research on state-, industry-, and company-specific benefits from GSP that has been cited by key congressional staff as one of the most effective examples of pro-trade messaging  (and not available from any other source);
  • Outreach to new companies and associations impacted by GSP in an effort to grow the number and variety of voices supporting GSP renewal, and
  • Improved advocacy tools and resources for companies and associations to engage directly with their elected officials.

“The Coalition works tirelessly to ensure its members get the right representation and that the facts are properly understood by key political decision makers. There is a lot of misinformation about trade and imports. The Coalition helps to put the record straight.”

– Jim McGivern, CEO of SIGMA Corporation

Small businesses are the backbone of the Coalition for GSP, whose typical member:

  • Has about 20 employees;
  • Is located “outside the beltway”;
  • Does NOT have in-house lobbyists or other lobbying firms working on their behalf, and
  • Pays under $2,000 in annual membership dues (which are based on annual GSP savings).

“Small businesses like mine do not have the resources and clout to effect change by ourselves. The GSP Coalition’s work in putting together an association with many like-minded members, and communicating the facts in a persuasive manner to our elected representatives, makes all the difference.”

– Matt Dienstag, Owner of LeNoble Lumber

Stay informed. Support renewal. Join the Coalition for GSP today while signing up for the free GSP supporter list.

If you have questions or would like more information about Coalition membership, please call the Coalition for GSP at 202-347-1041.