Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

US Employees: 9

GSP Imports: Non-perishable specialty foods from Turkey

Thanks to the stability ensured by GSP renewal, our sales have increased, and we have very recently landed two major accounts which we hope will expand our business exponentially into the future.

Candace Abitbul, Vice President

Sophia Foods is a family-owned specialty food distributor founded in 1991. It strives to bring specialty products from around the world to consumers at low prices. GSP is vital in allowing Sophia Foods to keep prices competitive.

GSP expiration in 2013 forced the company to lay off 2 workers and cancel plans to purchase a warehouse.  Without certainty in GSP refunds, Sophia was simply unable to risk expansion.

Since GSP was renewed, Sophia Foods has hired 4 new employees, increased benefits for all workers, and is doubling its square footage by expanding into neighboring warehouse space.