Headquarters: Little Ferry, New Jersey

US Employees: 20

GSP Imports: Packaging tape and films from Indonesia

Though we are not a large company, we offer very good salaries and benefits.  Loss of GSP benefits severely limited our ability carry on these policies.  Furthermore, GSP allows our partner in Indonesia to provide good jobs with benefits like basic healthcare in a very poor area of the country.

Peter Feniello, CFO

Primetac is a family-owned business supplying high quality tapes, films, and industrial packaging throughout North America. Primetac imports some of their products through GSP and passes those savings on to companies across the United States while supporting jobs in four states.

GSP expiration forced Primetac to raise prices to compensate for the new tariffs. The resulting sales drop caused Primetac to freeze hiring, slash benefits, and delay certain investment plans.

GSP renewal changed that. Primetac has hired 2 new workers, restored health benefits, raised salaries, and instituted a profit-sharing plan. It also bought a much-needed forklift from an Ohio manufacturer and hired a local electrician to upgrade its warehouse lighting.