Headquarters: Independence, Missouri

US Employees: 16

GSP Imports: Thermoplastic resins from Thailand

We froze hiring after GSP expired. Since GSP was reinstated and refunded, we have hired five new employees.

Greg Jacobson, President

Founded in 1993 in Kansas City, Missouri, PolySource is a value-added distributor of thermoplastic resins and compounds. PolySource’s primary customers are American manufacturers in industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace. PolySource has warehouses strategically located across 8 states.

When GSP expired in August 2013, PolySource ended up paying more than $600,000 in extra taxes. PolySource reported in February 2015 that at least 2 new hires could not be made because of expiration.

That changed with the retroactive GSP renewal. PolySource has hired 5 new workers – exceeding even its own estimates of the positive impact of a potential renewal – in the year since GSP went back into effect.