Headquarters: Austin, Texas

US Employees: 14

GSP Imports: Gifts and accessories from India

Without GSP, we struggled to maintain profitability.  With GSP renewal, we were able to hire 6 new employees and increase salaries by more than $50,000.

Manish Gupta, President

Matr Boomie, founded in 2006, is a wholesale company dedicated to selling ethically sourced handicrafts from rural India. The company makes a critical difference in the lives of partner artisans in India while also creating jobs in Austin.

Matr Boomie relies on GSP savings to remain profitable. When GSP expired in 2013, Matr Boomie saw its margins shrink substantially.

Congressional renewal of GSP allowed Matr Boomie to hire 2 new workers in 2015 and 4 more in 2016, plus give its employees raises. For Matr Boomie, GSP renewal means not only more US jobs, but also better jobs.