Headquarters: Orange, California

US Employees: 1,200

GSP Imports: Granite and other stone products, primarily from India and Brazil

Since GSP was reinstated, we’ve increased our headcount by 280 employees and more than doubled our capital expenditures. GSP renewal was a major contributor to this growth.

Rup Shah, President

M S International (MSI) is a leading distributor of flooring, countertop, wall tile and hardscaping products. Founded in 1975 by a husband and wife team, MSI got its big break in 1981 as the supplier of the black granite for the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC. Today, MSI has 20 locations across North America and imports over 100 shipments every day. It remains family-owned and run.

When GSP expired in August 2013, MSI raised prices to cover the new import taxes and sales fell accordingly. GSP renewal changed that. Average prices for GSP-eligible products are down 10% and sales are up disproportionately.

The GSP refunds and ongoing savings have helped MSI added more than 280 jobs – growth of nearly 33% – and double capital expenditures in the 1.5 years since GSP was renewed.